Vicky & Andy

Andy and Vicky met when a mutual friend introduced them at a dinner party. I’m not sure at the time Vicky knew what she was letting herself in for! Andy keeps snakes you see….not just one or two….he keeps so many that the upstairs of their house accommodates rows and rows of small boxes filled with a colourful array of breeds. He also has a very tame and rather beautiful pigeon (who would have carried the rings down the aisle of the church if the vicar would have allowed it!) Now anyone who knows me, knows that I adore snakes (it’s one of my strange oddities.) I can honestly say that our pre-wedding meetings were among the most interesting to date and consisted mainly of looking through Andy’s collection (sorry Vicky!)

After 6 years together, Andy popped the question. The venue for the wedding ceremony was to be at Brampton Speke Church where Andy’s parents had married years before and which still held many sentimental memories. It is a beautiful yet simple village church and provided a very intimate ceremony. The reception at Courtlands House in Exmouth allowed a more lavish backdrop for the celebrations that followed. 

Vicky was very keen to give the wedding a vintage feel. Her stunning dress was tailor-made and combined delicate lace with beautiful crystal beading on the waist.  Her bouquet of faded roses (apologies to all florists as I’m sure they have a very specific name!) was made for her by Claire, the friend who had introduced the couple all those years before.

Vicky’s hair was by David Yowell  and the amazingly fab vintage Buick was provided by (It was difficult not to have a Bonnie & Clyde moment!)

The cake was provided by

 I also have to mention that Vicky is a hugely talented jewellery maker!! She lovingly made all the bridesmaids jewellery herself. More details are available from her website


Helen & Rob

Firstly – I LOVE this wedding!

Secondly – I really LOVE this wedding! It’s from last year and I think it’s about time I shared it 🙂

From the moment I read Helen’s first e-mail, I knew I adored her! Her Wedding was to be an Elopement – the only guests were to be their parents, their one-eyed deaf dog Henry and an assortment of roaming Alpacas (courtesy of their venue There would be no real wedding reception, so their photographs were of huge importance; it was the only way they would be able to share their day with those loved ones who would not be there. (So…no pressure then!!)

They invited both parents on a ‘holiday to Devon’ and made a pact that it was to be kept a secret until the day before the wedding.  I loved it instantly! Call me a hopeless romantic but i love the idea of stealing away under the cloak of darkness, dress in one hand and Hunter Wellies in another (yep..she did!) How many brides and grooms  would happily throw their table plan for 150 out the window for the chance of having a day that is simply and purely about …well……you? No-one to please, no-one to upset….just a declaration of your love for each other and the desire to spend your life together. I know that for many it would be impossible to do but for Helen and Rob, it was ideal (although Rob spent the morning of his wedding scouring Devon’s millinery shops in search of the perfect hat for his mum….she got 3 because she couldnt decide!)

Once the ceremony had finished and the champagne had been poured, Helen donned her Hunters..

and we went in search of Alpacas and beaches. We braved Braunton Burrows, survived a sandstorm, discovered a shipwreck and nearly joined a beach invasion by the local Royal Marines! It was without doubt, one of the most romantic and fun weddings of 2011 and I am honoured to have been a part of it.

Lucie & James @ Woolhanger Manor

I LOVE it when a couple decides to meet up before the wedding and do a ‘first glance’ (sometimes called a ‘first look.’ ) Before they get whisked away by the madness of the day, they get to spend some precious time together. It’s one of my favourite parts of a wedding day and this Saturdays wedding was no exception. Lucie and James are such a gorgeous couple and their first look was set overlooking the moors at Woolhanger Manor in Paracombe. Here’s a little sneak peak!